ARJUNA SOMARU is Founder, CEO and Creative Director of VISIONQUEST MANAGEMENT, LLC, a dynamic entertainment company.  Arjuna brings a rich, professional background to this bright, young agency - a wealth of experience and wisdom - forged over 25 years working within the highly competitive Los Angeles entertainment industry.  Prior to founding Visionquest Management, LLC, Arjuna served as EVP of STARSONG ENTERTAINMENT, a privately held talent management firm.  Arjuna's leadership and vision helped guide the company to recognition and success in the realm of talent acquisition, development and management.

Arjuna holds the distinct privilege of having worked alongside, and been mentored by, several true visionaries in modern industry and media, including the Late BRANDON TARTIKOFF (Chairman of NBC and a SONY MUSIC executive), LEE IACOCCA (Designer of the FORD MUSTANG and the former Chairman of CHRYSLER CORPORATION), DON KIRSHNER (Creator, Executive Producer of DON KIRSHNER'S ROCK CONCERT, the legendary, syndicated, weekly rock concert TV program in the 1970s) and the Late STAN LEE of MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT (Creator of comic book legends SPIDER-MAN, BLACK PANTHER, The HULK, FANTASTIC FOUR, X-MEN, IRON MAN and THOR).